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Antenna, so simple and yet so complicated. It is a very polarized subject that industrial and academic worlds do not share the same opinion. For SME companies, the high cost of measuring equipment (VNA and anechoic chamber) and electromagnetic simulation tools, not to mention hiring cost of radiofrequency engineer are too much. Knowing that good electronics can get 10 to 20 dB gain and easily compensate the antenna performance, there is no practical reason to invest in antenna design. For academic world (university/laboratory), antenna is a wonderland where the only limit is the imagination – another word for no limit. Electromagnetic simulation is beautiful, and it has Maxwell equations in the soul. That is science, the rest (electronics) is “just engineering”.

Our position is just at the interface of two worlds in that we adopt and respect the price aspect while at the same time we propose the best design that can be implemented/manufactured in an industrial way. Our clients, both industrial and academic, just love our antenna design and our offer. Here is our reference tariff (non-contracting information).

Antenna engineering service (*)

Antenna typeTimePrice
RFID Patch antenna 868 MHz1 month3000 €
Small animal MRI coil 298 MHz1 month4000 €
RFID near-field antenna 13.56 MHz1 month2000 €

(*): The information is non-contracting and for reference only.

Confidentiality claim:

We value and respect the confidentiality in our subcontracting business. All photos and images on our website come from our in-house demo showcase projects that we hold the complete copyright. We sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the client as a standard procedure before starting subcontracting work.